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The Easy 5-Step Process:  

1. ADD TO CART.  Select items & fill your shopping cart by clicking the Add to Cart button.  
Indicate the quantity you want (in case, it doesn't accept that quantity, it means, the number shown is the available stocks).

2. CHECKOUT. Click on "Checkout" then proceed to fill out the required info:

a) Your personal info and shipping address.

b) Select Shipping type.

c) Select Payment type.

3. CONFIRM. Check again if all information is accurate and confirm your order.  You will then receive an Order Confirmation e-mail listing all the items you ordered and your Total Cost (all items minus discounts if any, plus shipping expenses).

4. PAY.  Make your payment using any of the Payment Modes* available (see below).  All payment information will be included in your Order Confirmation e-mail.  No need to wait for our go-signal to make your payment unless you have inquiries or corrections on your order.  If sending payment via bank deposit, please send us an email or text message right after your transaction so we can check right away if payment has been reflected on our bank account.

5.  WAIT. Wait for confirmation of payment (via email or text). Then you will be informed of the shipping schedule or estimated arrival of your order.


Voila! Bead supplies delivered at your doorstep!


Payment Types (or Payment Modes):

  • G-cash
    • This is the preferred payment option (also the fastest).
    • For Globe G-cash subscribers:
      • Just text AMOUNT(space)PIN(space)YOURMESSAGE and send to 2882 9178157253
      • AMOUNT should be the total cost of your order as stated in your Order Confirmation.
      • For Globe but non-Gcash subscribers
        • You may register for Gcash. Just send this text to 2882:
          REG4-digit PIN/mother’s maiden name/first name/last name/address
          Remember! Make sure that your First Name and Last Name match the information that appears in any valid ID of yours. This is important for future GCASH transactions.
        • OR you may follow the steps below for non-Globe subscribers.
      • For non-Globe subscribers:
          1. Just go to any Globe Business Center or Authorized G-Cash Outlet who accepts Cash-in transactions.
          2. Fill up a G-Cash Service Form which will require you to give your full name, address and telephone number, your beneficiary’s name, address, telephone number and mobile phone number as well as the amount that you would like to send (please check your email for these info). Most G-Cash centers will ask you to present a Valid I.D.
          3. Pay the Cash-in fee to the frontliner.
          4. Frontliner will send the G-Cash to your beneficiary (that's us) and give you an acknowledgement receipt for the transfer and an O.R. for the processing fee.
          • More information at the Globe G-cash website.


        • Bank deposit
          • bank details to be sent via e-mail upon shopping cart checkout.
          • Available bank accounts:  BPI Family Savings,  BPI, and BDO.
          • after making a bank deposit, make sure you inform us via e-mail or text so we can quickly confirm payment and ship out your order.
        • Paypal
          • details to be sent to your e-mail (included in your order confirmation).


        • Cash
          • available for Pick-up At HQ only (Quezon City)

        *Note: Orders are only shipped out after receipt of your payment. We will reserve all orders for a maximum of 3 days. If orders have not been paid within 3 days, it will be automatically cancelled.




        DISCLAIMER:  An item can go out of stock while in your shopping cart so please CHECKOUT right away when you want an item to be yours!
        There may be some instances that an item can go OUT OF STOCK before you CHECKOUT but is not reflected on your order.  This can happen when someone else is shopping for the SAME ITEM at the SAME TIME as you (both of you clicked on "Add to Cart" but have not yet checked out). This item will go to the FIRST customer who finalizes their order and clicks on CHECKOUT. In the case that  another customer does a CHECKOUT ahead of you, we will inform you of the out of stock item and other options to adjust your order accordingly.

        So check out right away when you want a particular item.  You can always make another order for additional items later on and we'll be happy to merge all your orders in one!

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